The Gathering Box -- Family Mission Statement

  • The Gathering Box is an intentional, hand-crafted, and inspiring resource designed for families - just like yours! These seasonal boxes include everything you need to ignite important faith-filled conversations and create family traditions that will be passed down for years to come. This season's box, The Family Mission Statement Box, includes 15 double-sided cards to be shared and filled out as a family. Cards include themed discussion questions that will point you toward your family's unique mission. The beautiful, hand-drawn prints on the front of each card can be framed, hung, or pinned to the fridge to offer a daily reminder of your mission statement. Each box also comes with a custom fine-tip pen and a velvet heart to be used as a talking piece while you brainstorm and discuss your family's mission statement. 

  • Ships in 1-3 business days. 

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