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    This decorative banner is made from quality home fabric textiles. The fabrics have been specially chosen to coordinate with a variety of decor styles. Banners are perfect for your own home or as a gift! We use them as everyday decor, for parties and occasions, photo shoots, or gift-giving. This banner looks great across a mantel, above a bed, over a mirror or window, etc. Its high quality allows itself to be a permanent part of your home.


    **Due to high demand, banner trim may differ slightly - but fabric will remain the same.

    Flags are approximately 6 x 7.5 inches each. The entire banner is 42 inches long, plus the string on either side. The banner has fabric on both sides.

    (slightly smaller in size than the banner that comes in our Celebrate Gathering Box).

    Each banner comes in a muslin bag. Perfect for gifting and storing.

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