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Our Story

We believe in the power of a family.

A little about ours...

We are a mother + daughter duo working to bring dynamic and empowering resources

to families - just like yours

We have both spent countless hours in ministry with families and teens, which made growing up in our home a lot more hectic, and a lot more meaningful. We didn't always do "family" perfect, and we could have done it better, but we still remember the moments we got it right. The times we shared a meal together, played catch in the front yard, snuggled on the couch with the fireplace lit, laughed at ridiculous jokes, celebrated each other's big and little achievements, and had meaningful conversations with one another. 

It was at these times that our home felt like a safe and secure nest from the outside world.

It seems as if the world keeps us busier and more disconnected than ever, but we know that these moments are the most important - and worth fighting for!


We believe in the power of a family. Together we can choose to love, to teach, to pray, to laugh, and to learn from each other. To not just be people living in the same house together, but to be each other's home. We thank God for our family - it's blessings, challenges, and joys have made us who we both are today!

-Pam & Jyllian